Copacking, Quality Management, Food Safety

 Serving Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
Ontario, and USA

Copacking services include warehouse logistics, storage, quality management, food safety, tracking and traceability, and order fulfilment.

Dry Product

Dry Product Filling

Stand up Pouches, Rigid Containers, 3 sided seal bags

Product Distribution

Product Distribution

Commercial Products

Canadian Copacking Group Inc. is a certified distributor of Integra BOOST humidicants and GreenTech Environmental pureAir air purifiers. Learn more about these products by visiting our store.

pureAir 3000 air purifier on a counter

GreenTech Environmental

Integra BOOST

Solutions With Our Partner, CPG Automation.

Proudly Canadian, CPG Automation is your premier automated solutions provider. We focus on primary and secondary packaging equipment and quality management tools, including product inspection technology and processing design and controls.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein

Cannabis Edibles Extraction

Cannabis, Edibles and Extraction

Recycling Plastics Industrial

Recycling, Plastics and Industrial

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