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Whatever you need packed — from bulk product through to the retail shelf —we have the expertise and resources to help your business grow and succeed. We pack it all — from fill and seal only, to a fully integrated one-stop approach for dry food packaging and liquid filling services.

Copacking Services for Food and Industrial Packaging

Expand your line, increase your margins, and meet your orders

We offer filling and sealing services (for both dry and liquid products), case packing and palletizing, food safety, tracking and traceability services, and downstream support. Our commitment is to provide safe delivery of your food to your customers with our predictable and reliable service.

We’re your partner, not your competitor

When you partner with the Canadian Copacking Group, you can work towards greater product visibility, increased management of costs, more flexibility, and a more efficient use of resources.

Dry Product

Dry Product Filling

Dry bag filling, stand up pouch bags, VFFS (rapid pouch filling), HFFS (four-sided seal), pillow pouch bags, coding and marking, palletizing:

  • Powders & Spices
  • Hemp
  • Flax
  • Millet
  • Oats
  • Cereals
  • Pulse Crops (lentils, peas, beans & legumes)
  • Tea & Coffee
Liquid Product Filling

Liquid Product Filling

Piston filling for sauces and dressings, single serving packs, jars for jams and jellies, honey containers, hemp oil, flax oil, syrups, canola cold pressed oil, mustard, dips.

  • Labelling & Capping
  • Induction Sealing
  • Coding Marking (ink-jet)
  • Case Packing & Sealing
  • Palletizing
employee taping box shut

Product Distribution

At Canadian Copacking Group, we provide:

  • Storage Services
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Order Filling
  • Order Picking
  • Quality Management
  • Tracking & Traceability
  • Food Safety
  • Pallet Wrapping
  • Order Fulfilment

We are your manufacturing and distribution partner.

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